Good template sources?

I gotta do a site for a Hair Salon and she wants something that looks really fancy (I’ve been doing basic advertising sites forcusing on good content and getting good search engine rankings…not so much “fancy”)

So, does anybody know where to find some reasonably priced website templates that would work for a Hair Salon that would be really catchy looking?

If you get one set up please post back as I wouldn’t mind having a look what it turns out like. I am producing my first ever site at the moment as a surprise for my sister and it is to promote her hairdressing business (it seemed to make sense to focus on something in an aid to learn) so I would be interested to see how you go with a template.

I could create a custom template for you for a good price but as far as templates go I would agree is the best of the best.

I wasn’t planning on building a word press website (whatever that is)

Just wanted to build a nice looking site for her that would compete at least a little with other hair salon websites that cater to women I have purchased 3 wordpress templates from them with great results.

Themeforest is always one of the acclaimed sources, they mainly deal in Wordpress but that CMS has some SEO plug-in’s to aid the search visibility:

OK, thanks. I’ll checkout the monster

OK, I’ll go wander thru the forest for a while and see what I can find.

don’t get it wrong, themeforest has some of the best templates on several platform with a competitive price compared to templatemonster, you can always try the alternatives such as woothemes or mojothemes though