Good shared plan that allows ajax application?

where can i find a good shared hosting plan that allows ajax based application like shoutbox/chatbox ??

i am planing to host a multiplayer flash games which make a http request around every 10-second, and then perform file I.O. on the server.:x

the game server mechanism works like a typical ajax based apps instead of using conventional flash server like SmartFox, Red5…etc.

many hosts will not allow ajax apps that make http requests at every specific time interval.

but i think it shouldn’t be too hard to find consider my domain is completely new with zero visitor yet, and should be ok with few players connected.

of course i will have to move to dedicated server once i have many players connected at the same time.

but for now, i need a shared hosting plan to start with.

Most of the hosting providers do not allow Ajax application on Shared hosting plans as it requires a good amount of resources. If you do not wish to choose a Dedicated server for now, I guess, VPS would be fine for you.

I’m sure an ajax will be fine on any solid provider, you just need to make sure they have a reliable and fast network or else your applications will be slow. A VPS will be a good investment if you plan to build a very fast and busy jquery/ajax application.

I can personally vouch for Beyond Hosting I have a VPS with them and get an average ping of 22ms. You can ping my domain at if you want to see. Best of luck :slight_smile:

I think that better get VPS (of course that is much more expensive) and be patient about your account suspension.

In this case you need vps.

Yes, you can choose a VPS for now and upgrade if yor requirements increase in future. Also, make sure that you choose a hosting provider that informs you (via notifications etc.) when you use more resources and need an upgrade :slight_smile:

Of course that is possible to find shared web hosting which will support you. But there are not too many web hosting companies which can offer that.
I agree with other guys in here: VPS is the best option for you now.