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I know this is an old topic but I really want to know what some good search engines to submit my sites too.

When I checked on my sites’s stats, some clicks from Google, Yahoo, and msn. And, I don’t get any click from other search engines like AOL, etc…

What are Good search engines to submit websites?

How often should I submit them to?


There is no longer any need to ever submit sites to the search engines. The search engines have been smart enough to find sites themselves for a number of years now. All you need is links to your site from other sites the search engine already knows about for it to follow to find your site.

search engine crawler finds site on their own. Some takes time. Google is very fast in doing so. I have stopped submitting sites to engines about a year back. But my client sites still gets good ranking. The trick is to have a very solid base of backlinks i.e., backlinking site should have good PR as well as relative site content and you can never go wrong.

As others have mentioned you only really need to worry about are the 3 main search engine although i do add mine to baidu and yandex as they are the next biggest search engines.But over time you will get crawled by many others.

Adding your site more than once to the search engines is a waste of time too. You would be better off adding a blog topic to your site, or writing some good content for your site with that time.

no need to submit your site to search engines anymore… submit it to directories instead…

I think good quality seo content will make your site more searchable.So its better to concentrate on the websites’ content and further it would be better if a blog is incorporated in your site as more frequent quality content articles will boost up your website’s visibility in the eye of search engines.

Very correct. SE(s) will spot the website by themselves

You already mention some of the search engines that are good for you to submit site. as for my opinion some of the most important search engines, probably accounting for over 90% of the search engine market, are:

* Google1
* Yahoo!2 (read about Yahoo!'s new search engine3)
* Inktomi
* Teoma4
* Fast
* AltaVista5

Please note that the new MSN search engine will roll out at the end of 2004 and will be very important.

Submit your website to google, yahoo and msn search engines, other search engines will automatically crawl your website, and continue with your link building work.

Good enough

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