Good project to prove yourself to employer?

What would be a good way to prove yourself to an employer.

Work is scarce at the minute, what would be a good way to WOW yourself into a job by showing examples of what you can do.

Ideas on a post card please

we don’t have your mailing address


A track record of efficient, consistent and quality work with preferably measurable results. That’s not a freebie that comes flying into your lap on a post card. WOW-factor without substance is just cheap.

Freebie, this is a forum is it not. Didn’t realise you had to pay for replies.

Great first impression of the forum anyway thanks :wink:

You talk about a long track record, what if there is no work? Did you not read that part of my question. The whole idea is to create examples of work you are capable of.

What if you are just starting out and only a a few sites under your belt.

Think Ill just give this forum a miss anyway, thanks for your comments guys !

I think you mis-interpreted the “that’s” :wink:
i.e. It’s the track record that isn’t the freebie - you have to earn that - if not with paid work then with a portfolio or pro bonos.

As Mittineague points out, the advice is free, but the execution of it isn’t. :wink: The point is focus on substance first and WOW-factor second.

In lack of track record, attitude is the next best thing. If you can show that you care about your work, are hungry to prove yourself and are committed to aspire to excellence, it can WOW people.

joe, i was just kidding about the mailing address – you wanted something succinct

i’m gonna make an assumption that you will want to show your work to the employer, and nowadays the easiest way is to build a web site, because all you have give the employer is the url

(aside: can you imagine what this task was like before the web? i been there, i got the samples)

so what should your web site be about? that’s up to you, and all i can say is, pick something that you yourself are keenly interested in

i know, pretty lame answer, eh :slight_smile:

so… what are you interested in? philosophy? kabuki? taxidermy?