Good Photo Gallery program?

I have a client that was a photo gallery setup that is friendly to all major browsers including people surfing his site using cell phones… and it should be easy for visitors to navigate.

And, I’d like for it to be easy to add more pic later since he is going to occasionally be sending new pics to be added to his gallery.

Any suggestions??? Hopefully something either free, or at least low cost?

There are tons of free scripts that do this, but each is different, so you need to specify how you want it to work. Or just google “jquery gallery” or “jquery slideshow” etc. to get a ton of options.

Well, I’m not sure how I want it to work… I just wanted it to be simple for website visitors to navigate, easy to install, and easy to add pic to as needed.

I know I don’t want flash since this may or may not work for some browsers depending on whether they have flash updated and have plugins updated, etc.

I was kinda hoping for something that could be displayed in a standard html webpage with buttons to take visitors forward or backward … maybe it could be automated with the option of turning off auto scrolling.

Thought I’d ask here first since alot of web guys have favorite scripts for stuff like this so I’d at least be getting a recommendation rather than searching and having to just experiment with alot of stuff.

My favorite at the moment is bxSlider, which has a ton of options, is easy to use, install, works with swipe on mobiles etc.

Other galleries can behave quite differently, such as when you click on a thumbnail the image appears over the top of the page in a lightbox. So there are may variations.

I like it, thanks. It seems to be just what I need.

But, is there any way to not have to obtain the jQuery library without having to link direct from Google?

I’d rather not have anything linked to Google…

Certainly. You can grab the jQuery library code from the jQuery site here:

Just copy all of that, paste it into a js file on your site, and link to that. E.g.

<script src="/js/jquery.js"></script>

There’s a fair bit of debate about whether it’s better to host jQuery yourself or use Google’s version, but I heard a discussion recently that indicated the tide is turning back towards self hosting.

There’s a fair bit of debate about whether it’s better to host jQuery yourself or use Google’s version

OK… so, why would anyone want to link to the google file?

The idea is that, if many sites use the Google version, a lot of visitors will have that code already cached in their browser and thus won’t have to download it from every site they visit. Google’s pages also serve up very quickly, in general, meaning faster page loads across the web.

In reality, though, there are lots of versions of jQuery on Google, so the likelihood of users having each version cached is reduced. There was a bunch of other reasons in the discussion I heard for moving away from the Google version, but I can’t remember them now.

Boy, I see alot of webpages getting hung up waiting for their google analytics script to load so I don’t think all google stuff loads quickly.

Yeah, I wouldn’t think it’d be that big of a deal since most people are on high speed now.