Good or Bad UX?

Here is the first crack at a website for our new business:
It’s a vacation rental website for eco-friendly properties, and we donate 10%of our proceeds to fight climate change.

Here’s what I would like some feedback on:

  1. Does the site look clunky?
  2. Does it feel trustworthy?
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  1. It doesn’t look clunky and 2. It looks trustworthy but …

There are two things that detract from the user’s experience.

First of all, the readability of the text on the image banner would be much better if the contrast were greater (grey text on transparent white over an image is hard to read) and if you stayed away from so much “all caps” text. Having a lot of content in all caps is very difficult to read.

Secondly, when I scrolled down to where all the Green Donors are showcased, I found this area so densely jam-packed with images and their captions, that it was quite overwhelming and my eyes didn’t want to settle on any of it. Some whitespace here would help a lot.

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Poor contrast is a problem for me.
Little doubt your vision is better than mine, but if I’m going to strain my eyes to see something it likely won’t be to read this

As for trust. To me there is a big difference between someone saying
“We donate 10%”
and me actually believing that.

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Great points. I agree. Thanks for the feedback!

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Yeah, I agree. Now that I look at that again I can see that a color change would help. And yeah, at some point I’d like to have a live tally of how much we’ve donated thus far. Thanks!

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I’d say the image on the main screen doesn’t make sense right away what the site is about. IMO, the image should has something to do with nature, probably this one is that I would use

And some green leaves on top of the form to make a clear association with eco theme.

The font size of the second line below the headline is too small, if I hadn’t read your description, I wouldn’t even notice that text and wouldn’t know the idea of the site. You need to make it really visible, and more contrast. The most easy way to add contrast in your case is to change the color of that transparent rectangle to black - it still would be transparent but the text will be much more readable.

Thanks for the feedback. I agree with everything.

looks nice to me. You have a couple of errors that are probably worth fixing but nothing too serious by the looks.

something i noticed was that when you look on mobile you get a leaf in a circle logo which i am not seeing on desktop version. I quite like the logo and would think having it on both would be better. I don’t love the font used for the logo/sitename on the desktop version to be honest as it doesn’t look like a logo.

adding the leaf to the text to make a logo could make it look more complete perhaps.

Testimonials from the charities CEO’s etc that you donate to could add weight/trust

hope that is useful

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