Good online service to send international press releases?

do you know a good international press release service, that allows to send press release in foreign countries, in local language ?

Like if I want to announce my website in Brazil or China, I would like to be able to send it to contacts in these countries, in Portuguese or Chinese.

I’m sorry I can’t answer your question. No doubt other people here will be able to help.

What I can tell you (as a long-serving former journalist) is that any services that just blanket-mails press releases is likely to be pretty useless. The same applies to services that post press releases on a website for editors and journalists to download.

The point is, if you’re working for a busy newspaper or magazine, you never have time to actually look for press releases - nor any reason to do so. An efficient journalist will have a working relationship with individuals and organisations - including PR companies - who operate in the journalist’s field of interest. Those people and companies will send well-targeted press releases to the publications that they know will be interested in them, and it is those releases that the journalist will rely on a source of information.

If you really want to publicise your product in different countries or regions, you should seriously consider hiring a professional PR company, not a firm that simply bulk-mail press releases.