Good Merchant Account Recommendation for both online and offline retail store?

Our current merchant account with a local bank is coming to an end as the bank is closing. Can anyone recommend a good Merchant Account for both online and our offline retail store. Would need a credit card terminal or reader for our store. Thanks!

Check out CDG Commerce. I used them for many years and was happy with them. They can open both online and retail accounts and get you a terminal.

hmmm I’m checking it out now… But is there a way to get both an online AND retail account together? Seems like it’s two seperate things on their website.

You’ll probably want to contact them rather than just fill out some online form. You’ll also end up with two merchant IDs no matter where you go, since Visa/MasterCard don’t allow you to process card-present and card-not-present transactions on a single MID, AFAIK.