Good hosintng and CMS for SEO!

What are some good hostings and CMS platforms for SEO? And is any good for SEO?

hosting has no bearing on SEO at all. CMSes can to some extent, but the content is the most critical component of SEO.

Sure it does. bad seo hositngs can have server problems which is bad for crawlers. If crawlers ofter have problems accessing your site because of a hosting problem then u have got a bad hosting

I’ll say it again - hosting has nothing to do with SEO. Bad hosting is just that - bad hosting. If you’re worried about crawlers getting to your site because of server failures, then you’ve got a bigger issue.

If crawlers are failing, guess what? Your visitors are getting the same types of errors. And if your visitors can’t get to your site, then good SEO or bad SEO doesn’t mean bubkis.

thanks anyways dont wanna argue.