Good ePub Books?

I have the complete collection of A Book Apart
Really good series and I love that they are in ePub format so that I can view them on my iPad.

Are there any other ePub books worth checking out? I’m a web and print designer looking for ePub books in those genres. Perhaps anything else worth checking out too?

:eek: That’s a big question. Most of the tech publishers offer epub versions of their books now. I have many of them—too many, indeed. I tend to get the ebook version these days because you get it instantly and it’s cheaper.

Like Ralph noted, this is rather vague and the offerings are nearly endless. You can get almost every book that’s been newly released or republished in those formats.

One source you might like is They have a very similar approach to publishing books to alistapart.

Well, Sitepoint has its books in ebook formats as well.