Good DNS Zone Managers


I used to use to handle all my domains even when I used hosting like hostmonster or hostgator. However, 4domains has become unaccredited by ICANN and their domains/accounts were picked up by which I really can’t stand.

What I’m looking for are three things:

1.) A trust-worthy company that’s been around for a few years (or at least seems like it will be)

2.) A well made, user-friendly, fully-featured DNS Zone editor and domain manager system.

3.) Good prices, either bulk discounts or a price between $7 - $10.

If that just isn’t a needed service anymore then I suppose I will just start using the hosting panel from hostmonster or hostgator and use their zone editor but I do like being able to manage all domains from one place and keeping them separate from the hosting service just in-case.

I hope someone else can make use of this too, thanks for your recommendations. If someone does post a recommendation and you’ve seen or heard something bad about that company, either post it or PM it to me please.

Thanks very much,

You can register/transfer domain to DirectI but they sell only through their resellers. You can get the same price as you mentioned as well as freezed price also at some places.

Good luck.

If you are planning to register more then 50 domain names I recommend you have a look at reseller account.