Good CMS for Highly Customized Website, Non-Programmer

I’m looking for a CMS that can handle the following things:

  • A user sign up system with ability to add content of the website using inline editing - no backend control for the public users, just front end editing (permission system will require moderator to approve content either before it goes live or check on it after it goes live)
  • The ability for the public to add to the following: rating system (0/10), image galleries, video galleries, comments, tags, etc. the list is endless actually

I have tried Drupal 7 but it seems to get very complex when it comes to Views and having my custom pages up and running. I have given it a kick at the can multiple times but can’t seem to figure it out.

Perhaps I am using the wrong CMS? Any help is greatly appreciated!

ExpressionEngine has a built in “Channel forms” feature that allows members to publish/edit entries. This could be used for any sort of content you want from plain text to image galleries, video (via embed/share links), files etc.

Commenting on entries is a standard feature.

Tagging and ratings can be added with 3rd party addons.

That’s one CMS, there are probably a few others…

As for the ratings you might find a plugin.

Also not clear do you mean any user, or specific users that you know are approved contributors/authors etc? wordpress has the later. you can assign diff level of permissions to users. I’d imagine there is a plug in for the first.

Not familiar w/drupal but i’d think it would also have plugins?

Hi avidrunner,

Drupal 7 seems to be complex at the initial stage. But its the powerful CMS which can do all the things which you are seeking.

Happy Coding!

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