Good Capture Page Rate?

I have heard so many conflicting opinions, what is a

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Capture page rate … by that I mean your web site where you have a landing page and are trying to collect their e-mail address with an offer for free services.

Also, is it true that Google is penalizing advertisers that use capture pages now ?

Wow …

50 People read this and not one person has any idea what type of opt-in rate they strive for ? Or even if Google frowns on this when you are using PPC through them ??

Capture pages really depend on the market. For example, I have a few health sites that have a capture rate of 78% and that is very targeted traffic. I think the rate is so high just because they can’t move on into the site until they hit submit.

I understand all this … thanks for the info on Google though, however what I really wondered was with a free product what a good opt-in (e-mail) rate off of a capture page would be ?

I haven’t had a single problem with Google and “capturing pages” as you call them. Just follow Google’s policies and you’ll be fine.

As for the amount of emails you will capture that is totally up to you. It all comes down to the landing pages graphics, layout, and of course the copywriting. Most people want free products so you’ll have a high capture rate. But that doesn’t mean they’ll actually buy something from you later on. . .

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I think a lot depends on the market you’re in and what kind of offer you’re making - oh and how targeted the traffic you’re getting too.

I would think a decent free offer would get at least a 10% or better response - but about the best I’ve ever heard of would be 50% or more. Of course something like that usually happens when you make a great offer to people on one list to get them opted into something else.