Good auto-text generator


Please post if you know any good software for generating human-like text for websites.

I don’t know why people again and again look for these kind of auto generator tools, why don’t you guys just write instead. Computers can’t beat Humans.


or this?

I don’t think so because machines don’t have common sense. so personally I don’t think that and also don’t trust on them.

Just say “No” to Lorem Ipsum filler content

I don’t know why these people post here. I don’t go to the “get rich quick” forum and post legitimate, sensible, business topics repugnant to bottom feeders.

It’s not like I pepper the SEO forum on the importance of non-gibberish, not to spam search engines, or why getting SEO clients dropped from Google might be counter productive.

I agree

I don’t think software can work like human mate…

There is no any software exept human being, if u want to try automated software then try for article spinner…

The best way is to pay an article writer

That probably is the best bet for …

but probably not what the OP wants. Actually, most “article writers” on this forum are a long way from being able to create “human-like text”, so maybe I’m wrong.

You might try using monkeys if you can’t afford real people to do it for you. The monkeys are far more likely to produce useful results than any computer program would.

Can machines think?

Please someone give me a good software of auto text or mail me at <snip/>

The monkeys are far more likely to produce useful results than any computer program would.

We’ve all heard that a million monkeys banging on a million typewriters will eventually reproduce the entire works of Shakespeare. Thanks to the Internet, we now know this to be false.


Yes, I swear they look at the end user and think “this guy is driving me nuts, let’s throw a BSOD at him”, probably why so many computer newbies get errors. :slight_smile:

Actually, they can reproduce the entire works of Shakespeare, but the “web monkeys” don’t understand half the words or have the appropriate level of skill to write anything unique so they end up with something heavily abbreviated like: “Romeo, Romeo, WTH @ U, A/S/L Romeo! KTHX” :lol:

write them yourself is the best way

The moral is Monkey-See Monkey-Do assures Shakespeare will never occur because the monkeys are looking over each other’s shoulders for a shortcut. Drivel in – Drivel out. Cheating by copying drivel doesn’t change the outcome. The requisite level of random chance has been eliminated from the system.

write them yourself is the best way

And you sir win the banana.

I’ve heard that once a dozen of highly-trained ninja monkeys won a content writing contest.
But you know, I think sometimes let things be written by a monkey or even machines. They will do that much better than some humans.
No offense.

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