Going mad trying to fix an accordion sub nav

Hi from wet but its summer York UK,

On page http://www.makeityork.com/invest/ (see image for illustration) there is a nav button labelled “Property and sites development”. There is a child page that wont show when you click on it :frowning:

I just cant fix it :frowning: I’m not a wordpress dev but do have basic CSS HTML insight. Does anyone know why its bust?


Did you run your html through a validator? There is an unclosed <div> element that might be causing issues. The div starts here:

<aside class="col-sm-4 site-sidebar">
	<section id="text-2" class="  widget widget_text">			
		<div class="textwidget">

I’m not sure if that is the problem, but it definitely should be fixed.


IF you have the patience how do i access the code so i can edit the above?

Ok I’ve destroyed myself trying to edit a sub nav in wordpress :frowning: So my bigger question is when the original developer has vanished and I want to edit sub nav just how do you do it? Ive been clicking on every widget every cog wheel but still i cant edit the damn side navigation.

So what can you do apart from set your head on fire and jump out of a window?

I tried to find it but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary either.

You might just have to recreate some things.
For example if you put that link as a sub item of one of the other accordions, does it still work?
Or just delete and recreated that accordion just in case something went goofy when originally saving files or settings or whatever.

Clearly something went bonkers creating just that one menu. I would delete it and start over, create a new accordion, see if it works. Or duplicate an existing working one and then change links. Something like that.

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Thanks for looking into this. Will have another bash at it next week :slight_smile:

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