Going from Java Web to .NET (Maybe)

I’ve been given an opportunity to join a project that’s .NET based. Been doing Java Web stuff about 6 years and feel very comfortable using latest Java technology.

Unfortunately, there is only 1 developer for this project and he already left… So, somehow I have to pick up the code and continue on to next release. Keep in mind, I haven’t even written 1 line of code yet in .NET. Nor do I know what frameworks he used for MVC, databases, and etc…

So, to get prepped for this project what training course would be recommended?

For example:
1 week of .NET training
1 week of XYZ MVC Framework

and blah blah blah

In advance, thanks! Of course, I haven’t accepted the project yet! So, if I do accept this project I’m going to make some training demands.

Well, i am not sure what country you are in, so i cannot suggest courses. But what I can say is: If its written in C#, u should be able to pick up the syntax very easily, as it is very similar to java. It is just learning how to do things in .net compared to java. But they are very similar. I would suggest starting at http://www.asp.net/learn/

Everything should be there to get you started in the world of .net. Good luck

Thanks. Yeah, it is possible to learn from books and google but I rather take training courses since they are offering. Of course, this is part of the perks for taking on this project as well so I don’t want to miss this out and try to learn on my own. Oh, I’m from U.S. So taking training from learning tree or something similar will work for me.

Cool, yea I agree. That is defintely not something you wana miss out on. Although if I where you, I would start teaching myself. Just so that you have that extra edge in the course.

PS. I am from South Africa, so cannot help you there. Sorry

If you go the training route, along with books, I reccomend CBT (Computer Based Training). I am not affilated with this company, but have heard great praise for their product, the company is AppDev, http://www.appdev.com/ . You learn at your own pace and all of the lessons are on DVD’s. People studing for their MS Certs use this company, but it can also teach you everything you need to know to be a .NET developer.

Good Luck