Going a "LIKE" and using Facebook to personalize your visitor's experience

This morning AdAge posted a story about how brands are struggling to utilize Facebook’s LIKE button and Open Graph to leverage the power of facebook on their sites. The article goes on to state that while this technology is extremely powerful, only a small handful of brands have successfully merged into their site. This concept of relevant corporate via social has been widely pointed to as a must do on blogs and discussions.

“Adding the buttons is easy,” said Mr. Kumar. “But the second part is using that information for a better experience, and very few sites have done that.”


Companies like Levis (users likes to show you what your friends are shopping for) and Urban Outfitters (ranks products by likes) are two examples of going deeper. While these are examples of large corporations, smaller businesses, often have the edge on what’s new with the opportunity to act quickly without having to fight resource prioritization and branding guideline discussions that larger organizations often face when integrating social.

For those of you with LIKE buttons on your site have you thoughts about the next step for harnessing this data? Are there other sites and examples you look at?

[FONT=“Georgia”]We’re trying to figure this out now ourselves.

We’re looking instead at having the user interact with the Page via webforms, which we could then directly store onto our database with a date too of the interaction.

Also, we learnt of a way to add good, old Google Analytics to a Facebook Page.

I believe there’s actually an FBML tag for it.