Godaddy's Windows Shared Hosting

In Linux shared hosting, each domain is considered as separate website, but In Windows shared hosting, only the root folder is considered as the individual space.

I can access same page via and
Is that correct with Windows shared hosting?

Godaddy is saying, its a default setting in their windows shared hosting. If I need to solve this, I will need to host each website in separate windows hosting.

How can I resolve it with SEO concerns?

Honestly, the best solution is to get Linux hosting. (And then have a good shower and cleanse thyself.)

ralph.m Thanks :slight_smile:

But what I do if clients don’t wants to host in Linux.

Same thing you do to an injured person who doesn’t want medical help. Let 'em die.

But really, do they have a particular reason for wanting to stay with that hosting? I’ve only had one client who had windows hosting—simply because he didn’t know what he was doing. I just told him how crap it was, and he switched to Linux the same day.

Perhaps they have their machines configured that way because they are a factory just trying to make a quick buck. That is not the norm for windows servers.

Naturally, if I was building PHP sites I would run on Linux, but as a .NET developer I run on Windows.

Regardless of the language of choice, step 1 should be to run (not walk) away from any GoDaddy hosting product. They should just stick to domain names and Super Bowl commercials.

This post covers it all. The type of folder structure you are looking for is only possible via Linux.

I think the OP doesn’t want that folder structure, but is questioning if all Windows servers are configured that way, which they are not.

The thing to remember is that GoDaddy is in the domain registration business - their hosting is just an add-on service that they don’t put much effore into as idoing so would take away from their main business.

You would get better web hosting from someone where hosting is their main business instead of just an add-on to try to make a little extra money out of the domain name sale.

It seems they are applying their own rules for that kind of web hosting service and they might not appear as traditional one. I would recommend OP check other web hosting companies offering that and most likely better and acceptable alternative will be found.

You’d better get back to linux hosting

It really depends on the situation. If they only use Windows technology like .NET or silverlight, you’d better go for Windows hosting.

.NET does run under Linux but many libaries and addons or plugins created by third parties use libraries that can only be found under Windows and won’t run under Linux. So Windows would be a safer option.

Still, it may be a good excuse to renew their website into something that can lower the hosting expenses and make them less dependable on the OS that’s used in the hosting server… so it is up to you how you want to sell it :smiley: