Godaddy VPS SMTP Emails get bundlled up!

Hi folks could you help me please. I have moved from Godaddy business hosting to VPS and now I am experiencing strange SMTP behavior.

I am running a social network type of site which sends out lots of emails AKA notifications!

I am not sure why but when I send out let say 50 emails to mail server via SMTP the server grabs content from one email and then all email addresses from remaining emails and adds them all up into TO and sends that email to all users!

Now each user gets an email showing 49 emails in TO section with the wrong content!

This does not happen when using PHPMailer! Only VPS SMTP!

Please any pointers!

Probably an anti spamming pre-caution on behalf of the vendor since the host is ultimately responsible for spamming infractions for shared hosting environments like godaddy. I would recommend seeking out an email vendor better suited to handle mass email campaigns. Are you using any specific cms platform. If so there might be a plugin to easily install to integrate with an alternate vendor for dispatching emails. An email marketing platform I’ve seen mentioned in numerous places is

Thanks buddy! Since its VPS support folks dont help! I dont think its spamming protections case its not affecting PHPMailer only SMTP. And why would it group all emails into one!

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