GoDaddy subdomain & subdirectory

Hey all, I have my main domain setup on GoDaddy as and a subdomain setup as This subdomain’s folder points to [domain]\clients

All of this works fine, until I want to go to a client’s site in a subdirectory of the clients directory such as [domain]\clients\myClient and the url ends up looking like

I was hoping to get it to look more like

Does anyone know how to get GoDaddy’s subdomains to work like this?


Ah, well, thanks for the heads-up. I will be in touch with them shortly.

I’ve been thinking of switching hosts anyhow, their user management consoles are so hard to get around in: it’s confusing, and I actually know what I want to do, just can’t find the options most times.

thanks again.

Yes, tell them to correct their system so it works correctly. If your subdomain’s DocumentRoot is clients, then should work as you wish. To have it do otherwise is an inappropriate setup and should be corrected. BTW, read some of the other posts hammering GoDaddy for NOT being a hosting provider but a registrar with a lucrative side business that they know very little about (i.e., hosting).