Godaddy Redirect shows authentication window

I’ve registered some domains at godaddy. I have setup permanent redirects in Godaddy to point to my 1 hosted website.

We have a strange occurance happening. Occassionally, when i go to one of my URLs that is redirected i am seeing a Windows User/Password Authentication box. It is clearly not coming from my server because my server has certain identifiers in it.

What the box says “” in the title of the window. And inside the window it says “Connecting to” and then it has a user/password fields. The problem is there is no username and password for this domain.

A call to Godaddy tech support proved to be worthless as they were no help. The support guy attempted to help me, but basically in the end he said it was not there issue because they have used the same redirect script for 8 years.

I can not get the issue to repeat itself every single time. I only saw it once today and at that time i was also going to, there site was running really slow.

I am wondering has anyone ever encountered this problem with Godaddy?

well, with the help our hosting company, we did a full review of our domains and the permissions. We didn’t find any incorrect on our server.

I do have a coldfusion site mapping on the redirect page, but i don’t see why that would trigger a authentication box randomly.

So, i’m wondering if there is a tool that will trace all of the hops a user takes so i can see where the issue is. Anyone know of anything?

You could try the Live HTTP Headers add-on for firefox, that shows you all HTTP requests and responses, so you can exactly see all redirects.