Godaddy is down

Godaddy was down for hours because of a DDOS attack… or worse.

Check their Twitter and Facebook for updates:

I can now login but still not enter the My Account area…

Several competitors are using this for promotion.

Hostgator is giving 6 months away or 50%… <snip> is also doing the same… discounts on hosting and transfers. Who else will be next?

You can read more at:

Yeah! I’ve I just read on the other forum that an anonymous hacker made the attack.

Everything is working now, at least for me :slight_smile:

I am not a fan of godaddy, since they always give something you don’t want. Few months ago, i bought a server in US, but they changed the location to singpore, since we are located in China. They wouldn’t change the location, and we have to cancel the current one and buy a new one. And the customer service is not very satisfying.

The coupon code wasn’t mine, it’s an official release by Hostgator. If anyone does a small research you will find hundreds of bloggers and webmasters speaking about the same coupon.

In any case Godaddy is back up, I have some failed transfers that I’m now recovering, and it was a difficult night for many. I can say I lost many visitors and was up to 3 AM.

Hey all,

I just want to clear up some rumors about what happened with Go Daddy yesterday. We were not attacked by a DDoS. You can review details on what did occur here.

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