Go Cross-Platform or Native?

Hello experts!

I’ve been doing research on all the different technologies available for developing mobile applications. Seems for everything you google you find people for or against particular methods. I was hoping by joining a forum like this where I could communicate with people that actually DO this kind of work, I might get some better direction.

I’ve discovered all the various cross-platform methods of developing apps. I’ve analyzed all their pros and cons. From this, I’ve concluded that Titanium seems to be the best bet currently. I like that it supports true native ui controls (not html5 skins) and that its supposedly just one javascript codebase to build and it exports for a good number of devices. HOWEVER, it still concerns me as I don’t want to continuously run into pitfalls that only Titanium developers actually know about, but that seem to plague cross-platform technologies.

My clientele is 55% IOS, 30% Android and the rest is a solid share of windows phone to blackberry. Based on this knowledge I can say that starting with IOS and Android only first will be good enough to get things kickstarted. So its not paramount that I support the other operating systems.

So I’ve been considering also going native if the Titanium route just seems to troublesome. I was hoping you can help me identify the proper technology.

Please note I do not intend to develop this personally. While I am a senior JS/PHP/HTML/CSS web guy and would feel comfortable getting into Titanium, I don’t really have the time to endeavor it directly. So this is purely from the standpoint of what route seems best for this kind of app, as described below.

  • This app could likely be done via webapp with HTML5 alone if it wasn’t for the absolute necessity of push notifications
  • The app will read data from our server and display status in a graphical manner
  • The app will allow the user to change status on any particular node as needed, which will then in turn simple send the right command to our server (encrypted)
  • The app will have user/pass authentication which can be “remembered” if they choose (must be stored with encryption) which will give status/data to the user, but any action will require a numeric code entry to validate the command, this may validate any command thereafter for up to 30 seconds
  • Maps integration which will show POI from coordinates given to the app by our server
  • siri / voice command integration to perform functions in the app that would normally be done by tapping
  • Must receive push notifications to alert user of important status changes

As you can see its not rocket science, and would easily be done by a responsive web app, all except the alerts. We have considered using SMS for the alerts, but it just is too “disjointed” for our needs. It needs to be a true app alert, that when responded to loads up our app and gets them in instant contact with their status and actions.

Yes, I am being vague on the details due to non-disclosure, but nonetheless this pretty well describes what I’m looking at.

I’m also hoping for any references to solid, experienced individuals that can help me get this thing developed.

So what do you guys think?:smiley: