Gmail's main programming language?

gmail is coded mostly by PHP or ASP or something else ?

As far as I know, most of the Google projects are either Python or Java

JavaScript & Python. The majority anyways.

Google Web Toolkit is for Java. I’m not sure if they use it for gmail though.

No no, I really meant java, not javascript.
I was talking about the server side, not the client side, and had the GWT engine in mind.

its incredibly fast. Is it due to the language or infrastructure or advanced coding ?

i used to think gmail uses php, because I think php is fast.

A language isn’t fast or slow. An application is.

Its Ajax

AJAX is not a language, it is a technique involving several different languages.

any one really sure about what languages they used ?


It’s very advanced stuff - they have alot of people working on it at any one point, and use lower level programming to speed things up.

You’ll find that it is in a compiled language(s), not an intepreted one like PHP.

Unless google has stated what language they use for a particular application, nobody really knows. Finding a file extension in a url, or an http header signature isn’t guarantee.

They could use an easy to program language like php/python for parts of it, and internally use some highly optimized c code for certain processing expensive operations. Kinda like how we use compiled extensions for php to do image manipulation. While someone could write an image manipulation library completely in php code that never uses any built in extensions, or external programs, it would be slow as a dog and use a lot more memory.

But I know I’ve seen google say they use python a lot.