Global vs Local Market

Hello, this is my first post. I’m glad to be here.

I have this dilemma:

I want to start a new web design website that offers a service but I can’t decide whether I should make it strictly local business or try to go directly for global (world).

It’s a big issue for me because I’m new to SEO and Web Marketing
(I’ve spent my time designing and developing)

On one side if I keep it local my domain name will contain the town name and that will somewhat limit my global opportunities.

On the other side if I present myself as a global company, the local folks will be less likely to do business with me.

I’ve thought of doing 2 clone websites (2 domains) and just brand them differently but I hear google doesn’t like that… nor will I be able to market two, quite as well, as just one.

I’ve also taught of going with a global one and adding “We are located…”

But my biggest concern is SEO and Marketing.
If I SEO for local folks : ex. (Savannah Web Design) I believe I’ll have better chance of getting higher in the SERPs and thus more client.

If I optimize a global one ex (Affordable web design) then I may not be able to get anything since there are a lot more companies, globally as compared to locally.

Also, I don’t want to get stuck in this town. I want to move out pretty soon.

Any advice/suggestion is welcome:)

I would not use a business name that forces you to be tied to you local geography. I would pick something that would you could use locally but also expand if you would so choose. Adobe was named after the creek that ran behind one of the home of one of the founders. I doubt having locality in you name will generate significantly more business and I personally wouldn’t worry about it.