Global object undefined check method

Hi all,

I’m trying to create a global object to contain all my variables. I want to place a check to see whether my global variable name is taken. Like so:

if( typeof globalVar == "undefined"){
   globalVar = {};
    // Check if 'globalVar1' is defined and then keep iterating.

If ‘globalVar’ is defined, check whether ‘globalVar1’ is defined. So, as you can see there are two questions from me.

  1. How do I check at runtime whether the variable ‘globalVar1’ exist?
  2. Even if the variable ‘globalVar1’ exist, how would I update the rest of my code to use the newly created ‘globalVar1’ global obj?

Please help

It’s times like these that an array becomes of incredibly good use.

if (!globalVar) {
globalVar = [];

That will add an object to the globalVar array regardless of whether globalVar exists or not.

Thanks for the help. What about a situation where an application has multiple js plugins and you’re creating a plugin of your own? In this case, I want to check if up until this point any library has created a global variable (object, array, etc) with, let’s say, ‘globalVar’.

Is there any particular reason why your global object needs a name? If you are not going to reference it from anywhere else then you could use an anonymous global object which therefore wouldn’t clash with any other object because it doesn’t have a name to clash with.