Glitchy width attribute

I’m trying to split this post in half into two sections, where both classes run side by side with each other -

But unfortunately only .card-picture seems to be adhering to the width: 50% attribute, yet with the class .card-text it’s not…

Open to suggestions, thanks in advance.

card-text does not appear to be referenced in the css. Its only styling is what is inherited from html and body.
Also not that the overall size of an element includes the whole “box model”.
So if it’s 50% width, it is actually 50% + padding + border + margin, pushing it above 50%, so it won’t sit side by side with another “50%” box.

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Oh boy, this is what happens when you live code like a cowboy… :sob:

I had an extra opening bracket up!!!

No worries, it’s sorted… #lessonlearnt!

Cheers mate

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