Glitch on mouseover image help


I have made some mouseover elements on this site, but some of them seem glitchy when you mouseover them. I thought it was a cache problem, but not sure anymore. Does anyone have any ideas?


Also, I noticed it doesn’t work in IE or Safari.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

You have W3C validation errors in your html. Perhaps fix those first.

Also, some people don’t click posted links, so you might improve your chances of getting help if you post your html and javascript and/or css.

I fixed the errors and put the site here:

Now it just doesn’t work in IE, for example if you mouseover the facebook icon it will make a sound.
There is an IE error in the javascript (bold below):

Any ideas?

var Kinetic_2d = function(canvasId){
this.canvas = document.getElementById(canvasId);
this.context = this.canvas.getContext(“2d”);
this.drawStage = undefined;
this.listening = false;

I can send someone 10$ in paypal if they can find the problem pm me I guess if anything or post here

You might want to ask for the thread to be moved to the Javascript forum.

And done. :slight_smile:



I updated the link to

I the only thing left is the flickring, when you mouse over a image. I preloaded the images and it still flickers.

Ok I think I fixed it for the most part. Just letting people know so they don’t try to fix it. Thanks!