GIVEAWAY: Win a ticket for the Oracle JavaOne Conference in San Francisco!

Hey everyone,

The Oracle JavaOne conference is right around the corner (October 25th-29th), and to get you pumped for the event, we’re giving away 40 free tickets to SitePoint readers and community members! The conference, which is being held in San Francisco, is going to be part innovation, part exploration, and part celebration of Java’s 20 year history.

More Java Than Ever
Over 400 sessions are being offered this year, all taught by respective experts. If you want to explore a particular track, you can take the “Java and Security” track, “Emerging Languages” track, or one of the six other tracks. Or, you can explore by experience level or session type. Whatever your Java passion or pleasure, you can find it.

To celebrate Java’s 20th anniversary, Oracle executive and engineering experts will highlight memorable events that have taken place over the past 20 years, as well as forecast the future of Java. Using technical demonstrations, they’ll show how Java is, “…driving developer innovation, revolutionizing application development, and improving application services for the Internet of Things, enterprise architectures, and cloud computing.”

The Java Community keynote will celebrate the phenomenal 20 year history of Java, as well as use creative onstage demos to showcase the work of Java community gurus.

Java for Kids

Java isn’t just for adults! The JavaOne4Kids event wants to empower the next generation of programmers. With subjects like “Building An Arcade Game With Greenfoot” and “Minecraft Modding With Forge 1.8”, the event is a sure hit for young programmers. The event takes place Saturday, October 24th, and is geared for kids ages 10-18.

How to Win

SitePoint is partnering with Oracle to give away FORTY free tickets to the conference. To win a ticket to the conference, leave a comment below telling us how you’ll convince your boss to give you the week off for the conference. The best answers win.

See you there!

Contest rules: Winners will be chosen at random from qualifying entries. Each winner will receive one ticket to the Oracle JavaOne conference in San Francisco, held on October 25 – 29 2015. Winners will be notified within 24 hours of the contest closing, via the email address in their SitePoint profile. This contest is held by SitePoint Pty Ltd, based in Melbourne, Australia, and is subject to the relevant rules and regulations for contests held in Victoria, Australia.


I will go to my boss with the list of technical debt and outdated
technologies that we are using. I will then point out all the issues
that we facing currently ex- constant server restarts, issues
integrating with third party tools, plugins & vendors(they all use
cutting edge technology). Then I will ask him about JavaOne
conference and how I will learn about better way of doing things. Learn about how
other developers and companies are solving the issues.

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I’m a Java Veteran for 15 years now… sadly, I only went to Java One once at 2005… I really loved the sessions and the community to talk about Java. I particularly loved learning about Vendor technologies.

Anyways, here’s what I’ll email to the boss with a youtube link

“Just Do It!!!”.

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I will calmly explain to my boss that it will be easier and cheaper for them to cover transportation and accommodations than to hire and train my replacement.

If that doesn’t work I suppose I’ll have to use the secondary argument about the large Java codebase we’ve just acquired, or maybe something about technical debt. But I doubt it will come to that.

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My boss will give me the week off because we are going to be having a booth at JavaOne and he will want me to attend so I can further expand my passion for the Java programming language and the community!

I’ll hold his recent browsing history hostage unless he lets me go

I’m just kidding!

A little…


I attended last year’s JavaOne and it was a fantastic experience… this year I would love to see what’s happening with Jigsaw! Other professional development priorities mean a conference pass isn’t an option for me this year but I have a 4 pack of fresh Heady Topper beer (rated #1 beer in the world by in my fridge that says he’ll let me go if I win a ticket!

Hi there i’d love to have the ticket to be there,and by the way i don’t even have a boss! So it’s easy for me to be there.

Easy, I just ask for a week of vacation. This would be a luxury trip for me!

I have a 14 years of Java experience as well, however has never been on JavaOne…
And i don’t even need a week actually, because i work in SanFrancisco :smile:

But i will convince my boss to have a week free to attend it, because i am the best programmer ever and i will work it out by bringing new technology into our software.

Should be simple for me: I am in Montreal but my boss is in San-Francisco. Half of the company is also there. So, if I tell my boss that I can increase my value as software engineer by attending JavaOne for free AND spend some time with the team in San-Francisco at the same time on the same trip, he will be more than happy, I am sure.

I will tell my boss that if she let me go to javaOne for a week, my new knowledge will payback.

Easy! I teach Java. I’ll just tell my boss I’ll pass all my students. She’ll jump on this opportunity!

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I can convince by boss by working remotely for few hours. JavaOne is the
biggest Java event and I will tell him about the value adds and learning
& exposure that the conference brings and that I can bring that
value over to him by attending it.

I will make a wager with my boss that I could learn how to use Java better than he could after one week of focused training. If his multi-year off and on training could prove more valuable than my one weeks worth of exposure, I will pay him back the value of the conference.

PS- I have zero experience above updating Java on my computer.

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Different approaches depending on his mood.

  1. If he’s happy, I’ll go for the “Incredible growth and skill development” approach.
  2. If’ he’s sad, I’ll go for the “Somebody died” approach, he’ll feel sorry and give me the time off
  3. If he’s angry (work related), I’ll tell him how this conference will give us a whole new perspective and the tools to never get angry again because we’ll always be awesome going forward
  4. If non of the above apply, I’ll ask a colleague to help me put him in one of these moods and start from 1. Persistence is the key.
    What can I say, my boss is not so easy going as the other bosses people keep bragging around here :smile:

I will inform to my boss about this benefit conference regarding the topic is related with my job scope and it very important for me to take all new one version about oracle info to apply with my project especially it related with system integration with database using JavaScript language

I want to attend Java Conference to understand new technologies and how
they have been uptaken by different application. I would like to attend
the conference for couple of days and attend some fruitful session
presented by different application developers. These sessions and
information collected might be helpful to our team.

I will cancel my Las Vegas trip, which has been scheduled already, to attend JavaOne.

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