Give Best Onpage suggestion for My website

My domain name is , i want to decrease website load time and web page load time. because as per google guidelines for better search results we must optimize our site. and day by day some changes we face for good rankings. my website build in visual studio .net framework.

There are a few things that you should do, which will help speed up the loading time.

First is to go through your HTML carefully and get rid of any code that you don’t need.

For example, you’ve got a load of times where you have:


The whole point of a list is that you just have one list, with lots of things in it. That would be better coded as:


You’ve got loads of inline styles and formatting that shouldn’t be there - that should all be in the stylesheet. You’ve got nested tables, which are well known to slow down page load and rendering.

Your images won’t be helping. Use an image editor to resize the images to the size that you want them to display at (start at the highest resolution and quality you have and resize down from there), and for JPGs save them at about 85% quality. Loading images that are larger than they are being displayed means people are downloading more data than they need to, and browsers generally do a pretty crappy job of resizing images themselves.

You’ve also got a huge number of validation errors. If you’re going to use XHTML, you really must know what you’re doing. If you don’t (and I’m sorry, but it appears that you don’t), you should stick to HTML, which is much more forgiving.

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Ok here is the answers upto my knowledge.

  1. Profile your web pages
    Profiling a web page usually involves a tool such as Firebug to determine what components (i.e. images, CSS files, HTML documents, and JavaScript files) are being requested by the user, how long the component takes to load, and how big it is.

  2. Save images in the right format to reduce their file size

  3. Minify your CSS and JavaScript documents

  4. Combine CSS and JavaScript files to reduce HTTP requests
    If you have three CSS files for a page, at least three separate HTTP GET requests is required for that particular web page. By combining these files, HTTP request overhead can be reduced to generate a web page.

  5. Use server-side compression to reduce file sizes
    Compressing page objects is similar to zipping up a large file that you send through email: You (web server) zip up a large family picture (the page component) and email it to your friend (the browser) – they in turn unpack your ZIP file to see the picture.

6.Avoid inline CSS and JavaScript
If you use a lot of CSS and JavaScript in your HTML document, you won’t be taking advantage of the web browser’s caching features.

7.Monitor website performance
For a website it’s responsible for getting/sending HTTP requests/responses to the right people and serves all of your web page components. If your web server isn’t performing well, you won’t get the maximum benefit of your optimization efforts.

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Just a piece of advice.

That way I can go top10 many keywords without external links page. Just good content, good architecture of the site (internal links), and a good domain trusts. Link internal Anchors are very important, because they told us what is important to us (website owners). If you have any internal links to content in combination with other contents of the anchors, this means that users know exactly what is over the link. This is so important on-page optimization

no friend i have not any bad intense for link building. i only put my domain name for getting proper suggestion and i will apply on my domain name… your valuable suggestion are require for decreasing loading time of my website.
i also change my signature.