[GITHUB] - Merging code from staging to production


I am facing a problem lately regarding merging our code from staging to production so I thought to seek some help from the experts :slight_smile:

We are using GITHUB for our projects. We have two different environment i.e. “staging” where we do our development and perform test etc, and “production” where we have our application for our users. Both of these are on GITHUB where “production” is the “master” and “staging” is in a “branch” under it.

Now, all our developers work on diff modules and they add the code into “staging”, all is fine till here, the problem occurs when they have to merge the code of “staging” to “production”, currently they manually compare the two files (production v/s staging) and merge the changes which takes a hell lot of time. The reason they cannot directly move the entire file is because there are many devs working on the same file on diff functionalities and all of them may not be ready to go to production.

So I was wondering if there is any option on GITHUB that can make our life simple OR is there any other approach we can follow that will minimize our efforts?

Any help will be appreciated.