Gig map for a website


How do you get a gig map to work in HTML?


Hi there mrhollywoodofduxbury,

What is a gig map? :shifty:



Unless that map is just a static image, you'll need JS to do this AFAIK; e.g. using google maps, you can add a marker for every gig as described here (that article also explains how to integrate the map into your HTML).


Thank you for the references, @m3g4p0p. I routinely use the duck-duck seach engine and didn't find anything that explained what a "gig map" was. (I thought the OP was a traveling musician. ) I shouldda tried Google... lots of examples and clues.


Like you, I use "DuckDuck" and also drew a blank. :shifty:

I would imagine that your assumption was correct though...

Gig Map 2013 - Google My Maps