Gift Ideas

I’m a freelance web designer and in my town there is small computer repair company (2 employees I believe) that continually refer business to me. I’d like to find a gift I can send them for the holidays that would show my appreciation for the continuous referrals. Anyone have any ideas as to what might make for a good gift?

Thanks much!

Not sure how much you want to spend, but maybe you could come up with a couple of custom t-shirts for them that maybe help them to brand themselves. Maybe some kind of computer expert shirt.

I wonder if that might come across as a little bit pretentious. Also, I’ve really only met the owner once face to face. So I actually know very little about the people that work in the company beyond their professional capabilities. I’m starting to think that a fairly generic gift that is commonly exchanged between companies might be best. Maybe throw in a hint of geek.

A wee drop of the hard stuff is often a good bet. :smiley:

… And perhaps a hamper, too, in case one or both of them don’t drink.

… or maybe a free website if they don’t have one already?

Dresses and Jewelry always seems to be a best gift to present on a Birthday, Marriage anniversary or any special party.

Everyone eats, especially during the holidays.
Fruit, cheese, sweets etc, would be good IMHO (and don’t forget a handwritten card with it!)