GIF Reduction

I have a GIF image that is over 300K with transparency and I’ve tried every possible way in photoshop to reduce it. Any suggestions on programs, free or open-source ?

Presumably you’d used Save for Web? It should reduce way below 300k. Some report that Save for Web in Fireworks trims off even more k.

Tried that, the size doesn’t reduce !

PM it to me and I’ll check it myself.

Will be coming, very shortly.

Hm, OK, yes it is quite big.

Here are some things I tried that reduced the size to 150 kb and then 93 kb:

  • set color reduction to selective
  • choose a different number of colors. 256 is the default, but that’s more than needed in this image (which is basically beige with some noise etc). It looked god at 16 colors (around 150 kb) and lost a bit but not much as 8 colors (which took it to 93 kb).

The same settings looked a bit nicer in Fireworks, and reduced the file to 70 kb.

Following those steps 16 colors brings the image to 156K and 8 colors reduces the file to just over 100K, 102K approx, better ! :slight_smile:

Although 70K is nice, fireworks is a little more better at image optimization for the web.

Change it to PNG-8 if you haven’t already since in most cases PNG-8 will produce a smaller file size to the outdated GIF format. Then you could use a tool such as PNGOUT to shave the PNG file size even further.

Initially it didn’t, though it got close. Dunno how much PNGOUT could get out of it, though. I can’t use it on my Mac. (And wow, what a glorious blast from the past that website it. :smiley: )

PNG-8 doesn’t support transparency !!! :slight_smile:

Of course it does.

It does, actually, even if not as well as png-24. This is worth a look:

What do you mean by that? There are some Linux and Mac ports:

In either case it does tend to be one of the better PNG optimisers. Though like I said PNG-8 usually produces smaller file-sizes than GIF even if you don’t use special optimisers.

Ah, thanks. :slight_smile:

You’re right ralph. Although Fireworks gets the fanfare for this feature :frowning: Although someone may beat me to the punch at trying this out on photoshop, I’m going to try it and post my own personal results, soon :slight_smile:

I’ve done my test, I couldn’t wait :slight_smile:
PNG-8 set to Selective, Diffusion, Colors-16, transparency on set my image the one I sent you ralph with PNG-8 to only a file size of 151K better but I want smaller.

Try to use with your final result :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll try it. :slight_smile:

I tried it the converter only reduced the graphic by 2.5%, ARRRGH can’t win. I’m starting to notice why some people used solid colors when designing.