Gif image does not stay put

My animated gif image keeps disappearing :sob: :sob: :sob:


This is the image I have :

Ok so that’s fluked. It’s supposed to be animated cherry blossom petals falling. What should I do?

Host it locally instead of from that service?

At 11.2 mbyte its probably a good job :slight_smile:
Are you sure you want to inflict that overhead on your visitors?


Hi there ladans37,

gif info:-

File size: 10.63MiB, width: 640px, height: 368px, frames: 300, type: gif

That is unacceptably large. :eek:

Converting into a video would make it considerably smaller

mp4 info:-

File size: 2.53MiB (-76.16%), width: 640px, height: 368px, type: mp4 (video), length: 00:00:10

But this is also unacceptably large. :eek:



Here’s what it looks like Paul :

@coothead so what to do?

Stop using arty-farty nonsense and concentrate
your efforts on the quality of your content. :biggrin:


What do you mean? It’s at its best right now. Just the image is not showing up. This is not from my end at all. I didn’t make it disappear. It was fine before.

What benefits does that 10.63MiB image have for your
site other than to slow it down and work inconsistently? :rolleyes:


Well it gives it a nice background, and I wanted something animated

Nice for whom?


My calendar as you saw in the snap shot pic

Ok I downsized it to 11.1kb. Hoping it will work out this time.

Showed up finally, but not as animated. It is a gif too. Hmmm…

Update : Reduced it again on another website, down to 3.45MB. That was like magic. It works now.

Please be aware that continuous animations can cause problems for some visitors to your site:

Animation should almost always be user controlled or very short in duration. Images that continually animate can cause the rest of the page to be more difficult, or for users with very high levels of distractibility, totally inaccessible.

WCAG 2 Success Criterion 2.2.2 (Level A) requires that automatically moving, blinking, or scrolling content that lasts longer than 5 seconds can be paused, stopped, or hidden by the user. Common failures include carousels or sliders that automatically animate or cycle through content.

See for more information.


Yes and with that in mind there is prefers reduced motion media query available in modern browsers to help with that problem.


My experience with animations have only been this: If you add more to your site, then it will slow up a lot. If it’s just one or two it won’t as much. It still can run smoothly.

Hi there ladans37,

I think that you are missing the point here. :unhappy:

If you make a web page that panders to all of your personal likes
but stubbornly ignores all the possible adverse effects it may have
on your visitors, then you really should not publish it.

Take a little time out here…

  1. WebAim - The User’s Perspective
  2. Web Accessibility Checker


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Are you saying that it shouldn’t have any animation? That’s what makes the whole website come alive. Of course vivid coloring and wallpapers too, but animations really are awesome.