Getting wordpress to update automatically

We’ve hosted wordpress as an intranet. Thus blocking out certain http requests from outside domains. When i login to the wordpress dashboard and head to the updates section, it states that the im using the current version of wordpress.

Does wordpress periodically go online to check for new updates, what is the url it goes to to check? I could probably get the server guys to allow the server to allow for automatic updates.

AFAIK that should be enough for it to check for updates. But if you want to allow the update, you’ll need too.

Hi Mittineague,

So if i allow the server to make http requests to any domain that starts with, wordpress will be able to check for updates?

Thanking you in advance.

I did some poking around and found the URL WordPress uses, such as it is. (added line breaks are mine)

$url = "$wp_version

If I enter into the address bar I get


Any luck?

I’ve been trying to think of reasons the fopen() might fail. From what I can see by the config settings it seems it should work OK. Unfortunately I don’t know how to get more helpful error messages as to why fopen() is failing. Getting a message that it failed is something I guess, but it doesn’t give much to go on.

Maybe if you added “index.php” to the end of the URL?

My dashboard should display the feeds from other wordpress blogs and also wordpress news, but i’m getting this error

WP HTTP Error: Could not open handle for fopen() to

I am researching on this.

The internal portal is installed on WAMP that is installed in Windows Server 2008.

here’s how it looks like


Thanks again