Getting Wordpress to Display Number of Posts in a Category


I would like the “browse by issue” page of this blog ( to be able to display the number of posts in each category. As it is right now, it will display the number of posts in each category, but it only counts up to 5. So for categories like “poverty” that have dozens of posts, it still shows “5 posts on this issue”.

Here is the php used in the theme to display it:

<h3><?php global $post; $myposts = get_posts('tag=poverty'); $number = count($myposts); ?>
		 <a href="<?php echo get_tag_link(66); ?>">Poverty</a> </h3>
                 <p> (<a href="<?php echo get_tag_link(66); ?>"><?=$number?> posts on this issue</a>)

Can anyone tell me what the problem is here?

Thanks very much!

This link should help you out mate :