Getting users to upgrade their accounts

There’s 2 types of accounts at Online Logo Maker - Create your own logo - Basic and Premium. The Premium accounts offer more symbols and more fonts.

Right now we do this: the Premium symbols/fonts have a golden outline. When the user clicks over a Premium symbol for example, the site opens a graphical message saying that such symbol is only available for Premium users, and invites the user to upgrade his account.

I have some concerns about this scheme:

  • Won’t the users get turned off when seeing this message?
  • Will the users even read the message, or will they just think the site doesn’t work and quit?

Do you know of a better scheme to get the users upgraded?

Some users will be put off that they have to upgrade but so long as you provide acceptable value in the free solution that’s ok.

The trick is to be useful at no cost but outstanding at a paid level… If I can’t use your site at all I don’t get a feel for it, don’t get sold and don’t know that I want to upgrade. But if it’s solid and easy to see the features premium users get, and those features are compelling enough to warrant an upgrade, i’m going to consider it.

Thus the balancing act is deciding how much to include for free and where to draw the paywall line. Showing people what they’re missing is certainly a good way to expose the benefits and again, yes some people will be frustrated they have to pay but that is your model. You may want to consider a free trial type upgrade process as well to entice people who can’t outlay the cash.

How much do your charge for a premium membership? You could additionally allow users to earn a premium membership for free by completing CPA offers. This may be a nice option for your users who do not wish to spend money on a premium account but still want to enjoy the services that a premium membership allows.

Some of the incentive networks have tools that will make this pretty easy for you. If you want you can PM me and I can put you in touch with one of my AM’s, I’m sure he could help you.

I’ve thought about that but I never worked with incentivized CPAs. How much can I make per action?

Typically with incentivized CPA offers you will make between $1 and $10 per lead depending of what type of offer it is (submit, download, mobile, etc…). There are ways you could require the users do enough offers to generate whatever your target goal is. Hit me up in a PM if you want I’m sure I can help you if you are interested. It can’t hurt to give your users an alternative way to earn a premium account.