Getting taunted on Twitter

Someone on Twitter keeps writing obnoxious comments to me on Twitter. They use the @ sign in order to direct it towards me. Not the # sign, which is what I would see, but the @ sign. So they write @name you shouldn’t like about yadayada… I sent a complaint to twitter but the posts are still up. Today the poster wrote another obnoxious post to me. They must have been contacted by Twitter.

Is there anyway I can get these posts taken down? What do you call this sort of behavior.

I have no doubt I know or knew this person since he/she posted to my brother on Twitter last year.

“Bullying”. :slight_smile:

I suspect Twitter has a lot of complaints to deal with. Perhaps you could flag his posts a spam. Or at least you could block his account from your eyes. But if you totally ignore him, he might just get bored and go away. Bullies thrive on attention.

It’s a public forum dude, you can block the person to stop them reading your posts…
But yeah, it’s public and there’s nothing you can do other than ignore them.

Like others have mentioned, you can just block him/her and the negative tweets will no longer be visible to you. Also, the blocked user will no longer be able to follow your tweets or add you to a list.

More About Blocking Users on Twitter:

That really stinks. So someone on Twitter can write “@thepersonsname you are a liar and a cheat” and be protected because it’s on a public forum?


I really wouldn’t worry about it or respond to it.

Well, libel laws still apply … although, unless you can prove this is doing you real damage, I doubt you would get anywhere crawling down that rabbit hole.

Ignorance is bliss, so blocking is definitely the best thing to do.
You’d only worry about it if you were a major company…in which case you’d have loads of people (positively and negatively) spamming you anyway.

Yes. definitely you can block them so that their posts will not be visible in your updates.

They kind of accused me of LYING ON MY RESUME which is serious! And I did not by the way. I’m really upset about this. It’s clearly someone who knows me and is taunting me. What a cowardly thing to do.

Is there a way to find out the IP number of this jerk who has caused me trouble on Twitter?

Why look for trouble? Seems to me you are best to block and ignore and leave it at that. A long time ago someone told me, "When someone is making a big stink, everyone knows who the real a** is. They were right.

I think user block is the better way. I’ve no idea about IP number.

If they are referencing your name on Twitter then this is a direct attack on you on a public forum and you are entirely within your right to seek legal help.

Whether a lawyer would take that case is another question, but there is definite precedent towards your case and if they are spreading lies about you professionally I would seriously consider speaking to a lawyer, if only as a threat to shut them up.

In many countries the citizens can sue, sue, sue for any number of things. However, it takes $$$ to get it all started. All should weigh the costs of such law suits with the time and money lost vs. the small or total lack of results such lawsuits create. In the US, if a court deems a law suit ‘frivolous’ the plaintiff may incur additional costs although the suit is thrown out of the court. Just sayin’.

You think it’s worth it ? :x

Off Topic:

Interesting to hear you say that, as over here, the US has a reputation for being the law suit capital of the world. You only have to stub your toe at someone’s house for someone to mockingly exclaim—in their best US accent—“uh oh, law suit!”

Just ignore them and try to block.Dont pay attention towards those posts,seeing no reply one day they will stop posting comments on you.

Absolutely, if it is referencing you as both a person and a professional.

If someone says “Joe Bloggs is a terrible developer and you should never hire him” on Twitter then it is very possible that when someone Google’s “Joe Bloggs developer bristol” they will see that statement on Twitter.

It’s often said that employers Google people they are about to hire. I’ve hired a developer before and I can say that one of the first things I do is Google the name and see what they have done. At my first employer we turned a fairly decent developer away because of what we found from a Google search (and the posting of NSFW content during work hours).

Absolutely, and a good lawyer can cost a fair bit of money. However, if it is in the interests of your professional life then it is worth the investment.

Besides, after a few hours consultation with a lawyer the most you’ll probably see is a concise letter written by your lawyer to the offending party and the immediate retraction of any offending material online. Legal threats make even the most legal savvy of us jump out of our skins and bend to the will of the request.

If someone is hiring based on one twitter member’s poor recommendation, then they are nobody I would care to work for. Conscientious clients look at portfolios and check references given from past clients. That costs nothing for either them or for their prospective provider.