Getting table issue

Hi, I have created one table within that I have put 2 body so I just want to make scrolling for second body


Multiple bodies in or on tables are handled by doctors known as medical examiners.

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You can probably only do this if you have the table layout fixed algorithm and specifically size each cell width.

Otherwise you’d have to build a complicated script to do this.

I’m not at a computer at the moment to test but my approach would be to set the second tbody to display: block so that you can apply a height and overflow and the nested tr to display table.

Some browsers may not like this and it may be that you would need a nested table approach instead.

Are you sure this is a good idea?

@PaulOB @ronpat
please check this below link , I have modified the code

I want to display in a table format with proper alignment

As I said above the only way (probably) to do this is very rigid and you would need to set it up roughly like this:

Thanks Paul and everyone for helping me out this has solved

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