Getting synamic pages listed


Im pretty new to search engine listings and things and barely understand the way in which search engines work, so I may be going about this is the complete wrong way.

But basically what I want to do is have pages listed that are in the form of website/site.php?id=123. I read somewhere (which may not be true?) that they (bots) start off on your default page and they follow all the links on that page and subsequent pages. These “sites” that i mentioned above and want available on search engines do not have direct links to them as i described above - its a site that you sign up for and log in to and these sites have links once you are logged in, but i also want people to be able to find them from searches.

How should I go about this?


Search engines cannot find any pages that you need to log in to access. If you want search engines to be able to find them, take off the restrictions and allow anyone to see them without logging in.

Ive made the site pages public so anyone can see them, and then there are links to these pages on a user’s private pages… sorry for not making that clear