Getting started in Photoshop

I want to design a good logo for my Project. I am not that much expert in drawing on Photoshop using the mouse. Can someone please help me giving some useful links to design beautiful logo? Also give me brief detail for managing Layers in Photoshop. :frowning:

There’s an enormous amount of information online. Have you Googled this? I would first suggest you Google “design a logo in Photoshop” and “manage layers in Photoshop”.

Then, if you find something you don’t understand, you can then ask a specific question about it.

It takes a fair bit of practice to use Photoshop, so to do the logo well, you’ll need quite a bit of practice. Another option to consider is using Illustrator (or Inkscape etc.) for logos. Personally, I fend a vector program better for logos.

Photoshop or any other software won’t create a good logo for you. It’s just a tool.

To create a good logo, you need to know what makes a good logo.

And that’s just touching the very basics. A fundamental understanding of branding, graphic design, visual grammar, and composition would help a great deal. There are plenty of books that cover these topics. Try your favourite book store for some titles.

It’s good practice to draw out variations of your logo with a simple pencil/pen and paper first. Do some iterations. It’s only after these that a tool like Photoshop, or much better as Ralph suggested, a vector program is of use to you.

Sites to get you started:

If you want to create Logo the best option is go for Illustrator than Photoshop,as it has to be done in vector graphics. Photoshop is the best raster graphics software mainly used for image editing.Photoshop compared to other designing soft wares is too user friendly and you can manage layers by creating each layer while creating each image.

Google logo creation and using photoshop for your needs. There is so much information out there. And using your mouse for “drawing” is probably not the best thing… you need to step it up and get a graphics tablet.

I learned most of Photoshop on Youtube, there’s some great tutorials on there.

As the name suggests, Photoshop is for working on photos. What you want is a simple paint/draw program to create/alter gifs.

Another tip: don’t confuse ‘illustration’ with brand mark(logo) many beautiful logos are a SIMPLE ( see some of the links provided by Maleika), and complex logos prove to be nightmarish when scaled or reproduced in challenging media ( black and white fax anyone).

Thus if you deal with a mark based on letter forms or primitive text, working with a mouse is actually quite easy. Your other option is to draw the logo on paper and trace it using the pen tool ( by this point I would definitely say that Illustrator might be easier to use for this). Be forewarned, that you will start to see right away what I said about the detrimental effects of complex illustrations and scaling when it comes to logos.

You have to know the basics. Logo should be readily recognized by the public, should be associated with your service, simple, still recognizable in black and white or in reduced size. As for the tools, illustrator is advisable to use. These are just a few things to consider. There are a LOT more. search in google. has a good video tutorial on How to design a Logo. And if you are working with vectors (which I guess you are while designing a logo) Illustrator proves to be a better solution.

There are many resources online for learning how to use Photoshop but I agree with unni6849 and lanotdesign. Illustrator is the ideal tool to use if you want to create logos. You can learn some basic things about logo design here: and

If you want a really good looking logo and don’t want to learn anything with PS, i recomend you to buy a logo, becaue you can get a really awesome looking, high quality logo for about 15 bucks, trust me.

If time is an issue, then just buy a logo. Or else, try to get inspiration to a logo design