Getting Started August 2010


I began with internet marketing at the end of July. I have so far got up a squeeze page with an opt in email box, free gifts and follow up emails.

My question is if you were a complete beginner starting with internet marketing in August 2010, what strategies would you use for maximum results?



First of all i want to congratulate you on putting up a squeeze page so soon. Most people don’t do this until they are already starting to make money and that takes a while to start. One you have the email just keep sending mailings that are monetized and you will see the money come in once your numbers reach a certain level.

I would personally start with list building. There are many ways you can use to promote to get people to sign up to your list. The possibility are endless. If you have a good freebie and a good oto on your back end you can use the profits to reinvest back into your business

Joe, you’re still talking tactics without setting up the goals… which makes it nearly impossible to get good advice. For the community to make suggestions we need to understand what you’re going for here, your business type, backing, etc.

For example… if you were running the next facebook you wouldn’t want to focus advertising on product comparison sites, but those are a great tactic for many ecomm businesses. So as you can see, for us to help we need to know more first.

Joe, that’s a big question and will vary a lot based on what you’re trying to promote (a content site, a ecommerce business, an offline business), what your budget is, and what sort of content you have (do you run a celeb backed business, a single man startup, etc)

Hi Ted,

Thanks so much for your comments. Like I say I am just getting started so I am really looking for a few ideas.

I am currently thinking: Promote a membership site to learn traffic techniques. Learn IM and find my niche then promote products within my niche. Also apply IM to local offline businesses.

I didn’t post this originally as I don’t want a critique of these ideas really I was just wondering if there are any great ideas which are currently really sizzling hot which I should be looking into.

Thanks again,