Getting sound files to work after website has been uploaded

hi all,
trying to get sound on the website.
works while i am offline in the browser ( firefox and ie )
after uploading files no good.
i was using quicktime and it worked.
here is the code:
<div id=“locate”><!–begin of locate–>
<embed src="DANCE WITH ME DARLIN’.MP3"type=“audio/wav”/>
</div><!–end of locate–>

also tried:
<div id=“locate”><!–begin of locate–>
<embed src="DANCE WITH ME DARLIN’.wav"type=“audio/wav”/>
</div><!–end of locate–>

not sure how to get any of the audio player downloads into my website files
i put them there but still nothing
tried a few different scenarios but still screw it up.

hi all,
put quicktime and windows media player in the folder with the uploads
and still no good. the q from quicktime shows itself but never reverts to
play rew ff etc. face. if anyone can help me they can go to the website and check all of the code.
it’s very basic so i can’t figure out why it doe:mad:sn’t work.
i also tried the <object> and the xspf to some degree but now i am frustrated.
nothing works and i know it’s something simple ( like always )

I don’t see any music files/links there. Where are they meant to be?

hi ralph,
the song files are in the song page. you just hit the song you want to hear and it should play using quick time.
before i put the website online it worked. i am a beginner at web building so obviously i must have gone about this the wrong way. if you go to the website ( ) you can see how i went about it. maybe you can advise me how to construct my website more efficiently. i am having problems with all types of sound embedding codes. ( there are many and are supposed to be easy to implement but none seem to work for me. ) probably because of my web construction. i have trouble with the terminology that a lot of people assume i know. the more simple the explanation the better for me. thanks.

Audio and video are tricky, because no one browser supports all audio formats, I’m afraid. So you usually have to use some kind of converter first to create a few versions of the audio file–such as Handbrake.

Then there are some plugins you can use for adding the video to your page, such as

I have only used Flowplayer, but next time I will probably try jplayer. All I can suggest is you try to follow the instructions there and ask questions when you get stuck. :slight_smile:

hi ralph,
thanks for the get back. found a quickie solution to my problem in case anyone else is interested.

<embed src=“SONG NAME GOES HERE.mp3”
this works for quicktime with a slight delay initially coming on ( 5 - 10 seconds ) but then all files
after that come on within 2 - 3 seconds. As I progress in coding I will try some better tecniques but for now this will suffice.
Ralph if you get a chance to look at my website ( it is very static as of now ) and the code
I would appreciate any suggestions to make it more interesting and/or places to learn as a beginner coder.
Hopefully in baby steps. lol.
Thanks again.

Glad you found a solution that works for you, Mike. :slight_smile:

I recommend that you submit your site for a site review in our review forum here. (Make sure to read the guidelines first, though.)