Getting rid of Responsiveness

Bit of a weird one, I have designed this website using a video tutorial and I have made it responsivene (to a degree) but I need more practice, so what I want to do is make it a static page for now, until I learn more about responsiveness (if anyone has any good tutorials or videos I’d appreciate some suggestions)

I have tried deleting the media queries but it is still responsive? Could anyone help me please?

Thanks in advance


Bootstrap3 was designed as mobile first (using min-width media queries) so deleting the media queries will more or less leave it as responsive (fluid) to start with. That’s why you chose bootstrap 3 wasn’t it?

You would need to adjust the dimensions in the relevant media queries but if you are using the bootstrap grid then that is designed to break down into smaller columns at various widths so will not be straight forward.

You shouldn’t really change back to a non responsive site these days anyway and instead work on fixing any issues you see. The page doesn’t look too bad to me.

Ok Thanks for clearing that up. I just feel it looks good in a full width browser but has a few problems the viewport is reduced. Thanks for the help again, will fix the problems and keep it responsive