Getting referrals

Did a quick search for this topic but couldn’t really see anything. I have been with casale for a long time (5years+ actually probably longer??). Never managed to get a single referral despite having links on all my sites. Has anyone had any luck and want to share. Seems strange-good company, good payers etc etc yet nothing

It depends on what are you trying to promote. Does the product of website appealing? I am getting an average of 20 referrals per week in a CPA program by just placing banner in one of my sites.

No I am not trying to promote anything as such. I USE casale media as my ad provider. They have a referrals programme for new publishers. I have had a link on my site for 5+years and not one single publisher has ever signed up

Yes, getting referral is the biggest headache, But i have gone to a website

And found interesting news and even spoke to gchain because they have free click to call with in there website but call opens for only 4 hours per day i hope so.
So i have waited for their calling time and spoke.

actually they says " if you sign-up for Global Domain International by choosing gchain as our sponsor, then gchain is going to pay a bonus of $10 which covers the first month of gdi cost.

And for REFERRALs as you asked, gchain say it will give a material pack for free and also gchain challenges with the material pack - “if we don’t get at-least 1000 REFERRALs in our first year by using gchain material pack then gchain it going to pay more for us”

I known GDI and tried before, even i know most of them are making hectic money with gdi weekly bonus.

Now i am going to try with this gchian, because i don’t have to worry about the first month $10 because of gchain bonus, if i found success with their material pack then the next month i will upgrade to gdi premium which will cost $50 per month to get eligible for weekly superstar contest.

if not successful i will cancel my account and will not continue for the next month… hahaha because i am clever with all decision i make.

I will also tell you what is GDI weekly superstar contest… with GDI weekly superstar contest, GDI will pay us $100 for ever 5 REFERRAL in a week period… this i like the most with Global domain international.

If your site is not targeted to webmasters/affiliates then you will be very lucky to get a referral to such a site as casale, and obviously you haven’t been in 5 years.

If your site is targeted to webmasters/affiliates then there is obviously a problem with casale referral system.