Getting peopel on your ecommerce site

I often hear people wondering on what to do to get traffic for their ecommerce sites that help them convert leads into sales. For me, these steps work:

  1. Offer some initial stage freebies/discounts; get them interested in your offerings by dishing out great advice/solutions to common issues that bug your targeted clientele.
  2. Socializing with them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  3. Get them engaged. It’s not about YOU. It’s about THEM – who will buy from you.

I would love to hear what’s your opinion is on this matter.

To get more traffic on our E-commerce web site is too diligence and hardwork.we have to advertise our web site on internet. mostly on search engines,social ,B2B,B2C sites.
Submit your site to as many search engines as you can. Here are some of the popular ones you can start with Alexa, Google ,AltaVista, HotBot ,DMoz,Yahoo.

Have Dynamic content on your site - Message Board, Links Directory, Guest Book, Online Search, Picture Gallery, Quote of the day, News items, Site Search, Links Engine . It all makes for a more enjoyable experience for your visitors and happy visitors come back.
Make sure your Meta Tags are done quite well. Submit links to other websites regarding their meta tags. submit articles,directory to other web sites.

You can also subscribes paid advertisement services like Google Adword.

Agreed. Feedback and reviews from genuine users can build trust. Images are also good to keep viewers hooked. As they say - a picture speaks a thousand words.

I would agree that offers or freebies is a good place to start. It can help to grab peoples attention and everybody likes to feel they got a good deal.

I’ve found that having a lot of information (FAQs, specifications, extra images etc) can help as people want to know more than just the basics about products.

Reviews can also help boost sales but they need to be trustworthy and genuine!