Getting 'Not Secure' in Chrome, but all other browsers saying site is secure

Hi all,

I have a site at which shows the current weather. I have checked through all of the code to ensure that all requests are using https, which they are. But what I am getting is the ‘Not Secure’ message from Chrome. I have inspected and nothing comes up in the console. However, when I load the website in other browsers I get messages saying that my connection is secure.

Can anyone help me find where this error is occurring and how I could possibly fix it?


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I looked in Chrome just now and it seems fine, it says the certificate is valid.

It seems there’s nothing to fix. In Brave too, another Chromium based browser, it says secure:


Hmm. That’s interesting. I wonder why I’m getting an error. But if both of you have looked and everything is fine, I’ll ignore that particular error in Chrome and keep the testing to other browsers.

Thank you @SamA74 and @Erik_J :slight_smile:

Are Google and/or Bing Webmaster Tools being used. I have found them both to be good for reporting web pages which I thought were valid.

I honestly completely forgot about the Webmaster tools. I had a look and it didn’t show anything. However what I should have done was look at the page again. Today it’s not showing any issues at all, so it must’ve been something temporary. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:


Another problem can also be dynamically embedded URLs as well. On my website, I embedded a URL that doesn’t have a valid SSL certificate. So whenever I click on the link which then is embedded in a jQuery modal, my green SSL turns into a warning because that URL that I linked doesn’t have a valid certificate. So what I’m saying is make sure that all of the URLs you are using actually have valid SSL certificates.

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I forgot to run your site through a URL Tester I knocked up quite some time ago. All URL tests show a 301 redirect so there is something wrong with the. htaccess file.

I think you are going to have problems because the 301 redirect is a permanent request to the global routers and once set it is very difficult to remove. I prefer using a 302 temporary redirect which is easily redirected to a permanent redirect after thorough testing.


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