Getting my live chat to update and stay updated

Live Page:

The content on my page is split into two columns and on the bottom right column there is a section titles ‘Chats’. This section works upon typing a message and awkwardly then needing to click the tick, I’d much preferably like this to include enter too, but regardless of this, it shows on the chat section and looks the part, however this does not live update meaning when you refresh the page your message has disappeared.

I am presuming I need to do this via PHP changing my page suffix from .html to .php and implement a script so that people cannot access a page on my server to see all the messages fetching html or whatnot. Maybe I’m wrong and don’t have a clue but this is why I am asking for help to store the chat log somewhere and show the messages upon refresh.

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Been continuing my research and have come across this tutorial and download. I think with a bit of modifications I could append it to my administration panel however if I succeed, I would still need help with showing the chat log upon load instead of a blank chat log. Uploaded it to my server [URL=“”]here.