Getting Listed on Blog and Article Sites Help

A lot of my competitors seem to be getting a lot of their blogs and articles published on a lot of sites. I have been doing regular blogs and pinging the new blogs as well as writing articles and posting them to various places such as Technorati and Ezine articles.

However some of my competitors seem to get their blogs and articles listed on many many sites.

Is there something I’m missing, everywhere I look my competitors are getting listed on loads of various sites and I am not.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

I heard this article syndicating. My friend is gaining benefits in using it.

There are plenty of great article directories out there that you can submit to - for free. Ezine may be the biggest, but they certainly aren’t the only show in town. By submitting quality, unique content to several of these sites, you can get the same exposure (and backlinks!) that your competitors are getting. Try out a bunch of different directories, and see which ones are giving you the best results. Personally, I submit to 6-7 article directories on a regular basis.

Plus, you can also do some guest blogging. There are plenty of blogs that accept guest postings - and it’s a great way to get your name out in front of highly-targeted traffic. A quick Google search will help you find related blogs that you can submit posts to. A guest blog posting will get you a backlink with the blog, plus if readers like what they see, they may link to your post, too.

How do you submit to these directories, and how do you “Guest Blog”?

I’ve considered doing these things myself; However, there is seldom a link or any information on how to do this on the sites that I visit.

Some might be paid. There site just might have a bigger audience which would result in more reposts. Or his articles might just have a better “kick” to it which would result in most posts.

Check out if you have missed enabling the option that is available on most of the reputed article directories to spread your articles across news sites/other relevant article pages and on their partner sites. If so, enable the option to make it available across all the channels. Also the reason could be your competitors are syndicating their articles. And above all, if your competitors product is more appealing and their marketing techniques are widely spread they will win the race :wink:

Hi blackonthego,

It’s difficult to really say without having more information.

Are you a new site in comparison to your competitors?
Are you optimizing your articles, i.e, including relevant and searchable keywords?
Are you giving lots of value and are your articles unique?
Are you using social media sites such as Twitter and FB to create relationships and network?

Look at some of these scenarios and see if you may improve on some of them if need be.

I do agree with the commenter above, guest blogging is a great way to showcase your best work and get your brand out there. It’s going to take a bit of work though. I would suggest commenting regularly on a blog relevant to your industry, creating a relationship with the blog owner and eventually proposing the idea to them.

Good luck!

You must optimize your blogs too. Submitting articles at your blogs can also be a good way to promote it.